Gloria Beltran is an artist who knows no limits, having worked in virtually every medium and field of design, from commercial advertising illustration to woodcuts and mosaics. The beauty of her work is timeless, as evidenced by the San Jose Mercury News using her 40-year-old illustration of a local Victorian mansion in a recent article.

Gloria BeltranShe graduated with numerous honors and a degree in art from San Jose State College in a time she calls “B.C.” – before computers. Now 85, digital art represented the final design frontier, a medium she was determined to master. Enrolling in a beginning computer class at the local senior center, she learned about Microsoft® Paint and immediately saw the creative possibilities. The basic cut and paste instruction led to her own in-depth exploration of the program. A pioneering effort, since there were no advanced manuals available, Beltran began to unlock Paint’s hidden potential for great design, and to take the program places it had never been before. And that was how Got Paint?™ was born.

Beltran’s art was a bright spot in her young life. She believes that everyone has a creative side, and that nurturing and expressing that creativity can yield social and psychological benefits, and even financial rewards. She also believes that Microsoft Paint, as the most universally available computer art and design program, and Got Paint?™ are the perfect creative combination for people regardless of their art ability, level of computer skills, or – as she’s proof of – their age.

Beltran resides in Silicon Valley. One of her sons is an award-winning graphic designer. A granddaughter, still in her teens, is already producing commissioned artwork.


Got Paint ?